Corneal Abrasion Treatment

Corneal Abrasion Treatment in Burlingame

A corneal abrasion is a scratch that occurs on the cornea, the clear layer of the eye that’s located over the iris and the pupil. Your cornea protects your eye, and it also refracts or bends light as it enters the eye. A tiny scratch here can have an effect on your vision, but even more importantly, it can increase the risk of developing a serious eye infection that can wind up damaging your eye and causing permanent vision loss. Having corneal abrasions treated by an ophthalmologist is critical for preventing these problems.

woman has a corneal abrasion in Burlingame

What causes corneal abrasions?

Corneal abrasions can be caused by lots of factors, including:

  • smoke particles, dirt, sand, or dust that gets stuck under your eyelid or that blow into your eye and rub against the surface
  • objects or substances that come in contact with your eye, like a tree branch or even a finger
  • rubbing your eyes vigorously, especially if you rub your eyes to remove something that’s stuck in your eye or irritating your eye
  • sports injuries and other types of injuries to the eye
  • contact lenses that are not cleaned properly or that are improperly fitted
  • dust or other small particles of dirt or debris that get stuck under contact lenses

Sometimes, a corneal abrasion can be caused by an underlying eye infection that attacks the cornea.People with dry eyes or other conditions that affect tear production are at increased risk for corneal abrasions since their eyes are not capable of naturally “washing away” very tiny irritants with tears.

What kinds of symptoms can corneal abrasions cause?

Corneal abrasions tend to cause significant pain and discomfort in the eye, including the sensation that something is stuck in the eye or poking the eye, even after a foreign matter has been removed. In addition to physical discomfort, a corneal abrasion can cause vision problems like blurry vision and increased sensitivity to light. Many people with corneal abrasions have excessive tearing and eye redness as well.

What’s involved in corneal abrasion treatment in Burlingame?

 First, Dr. Cooper will examine your eye to look for signs of scratching. In most cases, that involves the use of a special dye that’s placed in the eye. The dye highlights scratches and other imperfection in the corneal surface. Drops don’t hurt, nor do they obstruct your vision. When a corneal abrasion is detected, you may be given antibiotics to prevent infection along with special eye drops to reduce discomfort and inflammation. Dr. Cooper also may place a patch over the eye to protect it while it heals. You won’t be able to wear contact lenses while your cornea heals. In most cases, abrasions heal within a few days.

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