Halloween Safety

Halloween Eye Safety In Burlingame, CA With Kim L Cooper, MD

Most people enjoy going out to trick or treat or to show off costumes at parties and other seasonal events when Halloween arrives. Protecting the eyes is a concern during this time. If you suffer from a vision problem or eye health incident, contact our office in Burlingame to make an appointment with our eye doctors. Here are some tips that will help you to keep your eyes protected this Halloween.

Use Reputable Contact Lenses

Halloween Contact lenses come in a variety of different colors and patterns that can alter the appearance of one’s irises. In the Halloween season, there is an incredibly strong demand to wear patterned, black, or white lens, but buyer beware! While popular, many of these contact lenses are not necessarily produced with the highest quality of material and could potentially harm your eyes if not careful. To prevent such damage, we recommend meeting with our eye doctors to find the safest fitting lenses from reputable companies. Purchasing contact lenses form the internet without proper fitting, training and cleaning can lead to corneal ulcers and permanent loss of vision!

Keep Make-Up Simple To Avoid Risks

While many people enjoy dressing up with theatrical makeup as part of their costume, it is best to avoid its usage on or around your eyes and eyelids. If makeup were to make its way into your eye, then blurriness, itchiness, or even pain is likely to occur. Such symptoms could potentially lead to long-term damage to your vision, therefore it is best to keep any such makeup far from your eyes. In addition, shop for reputable brands that sell hypoallergenic make so that you can minimize the risks not only to your eyes but to the thin tissue that surrounds them.

Avoid Looking At Specific Lights

Halloween is a time when people use different sources of illumination in darkened areas as a means to frighten or startle others. If you come across households that utilize laser lighting, neon illumination, or any other UV lighting as a means to get your attention, do your best to avert your eyes from directly staring at the light. If you happened to expose your eyes to these kinds of lights, and have blurry or painful vision as a result, then immediately seek an appointment with us to evaluate your eyes for any potential damage.

Want More Safety Tips For Halloween? Contact Dr. Kim Cooper, MD In Burlingame, CA Today! If you want to learn more about Halloween eye safety, making an appointment with Kim L Cooper, MD, A Professional Corporation in Burlingame is an option. Contact our Ophthalmology staff today by calling 650-259-0300 to find out about availability for a checkup or to ask questions if desired. We look forward to helping you have a fun, but safe Halloween!