Keep your child’s eyes safe with the right toys

With the holiday season approaching, every parent should be mindful about the safety of their child. Children are very playful during their infancy and childhood and tend to get hurt often. But, when it comes to the safety of their eyes, parents must show a little extra caution.

Choosing the right toys for your child is essential.  Since a majority of childhood accidents occur at home, unsafe toys can cause permanent damage to the eye or even blindness.  This is especially true for infants and toddlers, who put everything in their mouths and near their faces.

Things to keep in mind to ensure your child’s safety

  • Check for the age limit on the packaging of the toy. Some toys are meant only for kids above a certain age, and this disclaimer must be taken seriously, especially, when the toy contains small pieces or components.  There is a potential choking hazard when children put these in their mouth.
  • Make sure the toys don’t have pointed edges that could poke the eyes.
  • Check for the strength and quality of the toys and see to it that they are sturdy. Children are hard on their toys, and poorly designed ones could easily break upon impact. Also, toys whose outer surfaces are painted r have glitter should be avoided or monitored to prevent the flakes from getting into the eyes or mouth.
  • Buying toys for infants that are visually vibrant helps with the development of their brain and eyesight. Blocks of varying sizes and colors are one of the most recommended toys by pediatricians as they are attractive and safe.
  • Toys that send out a projectile at high speeds, such as dart guns, BB guns, slingshots, should be kept away from infants and toddlers. They account for a high percentage of the causes of eye injury in children.
  • When children are playing with water guns, parents must stay by their side and make sure they aren’t spraying water into the eyes. This can cause inflammation, redness, and swelling.  Very high-velocity water, especially at close ranges, can cause permanent vision loss.
  • Lasers and aerosol string sprays are some of the most amusing toys that kids request, but they can cause serious injuries to the eyes due to their high-intensity light and chemical nature. Therefore, it is best to avoid them, or at the minimum, use only under the guidance of an adult.

Have a safe holiday season

Christmas is just around the corner and your kids will be expecting a lot of fun this holiday season. In the midst of all the excitement, it is understandable that staying safe would be the last thing on their minds.  Parents should be aware to ensure their safety at all times. Here are some of the things to look out for:

  • As pretty as a Christmas tree looks, it can be equally dangerous to the eyes. The sharp needles of the tree, the ornaments and lights, and the sap oozing out of the tree could all injure an eye. 
  • Keep glitter away from children, as a single speck could turn a joyful day into a miserable one.
  • Stay by their side when they open up their presents to ensure that toys are safe and appropriate for their age. 

Enjoy this holiday season with your family and friends, but don’t forget to take the necessary precautions to ensure everyone’s safety. Celebrate to the fullest and Happy Holidays to one and all!