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20 years ago after Dr. Cooper had established her practice, she noticed the difficulties of managing her patients’ eyecare when their glasses prescriptions were continually incorrect. Taking charge and advocating for her patients, Dr. Cooper realized that the only true way to make sure her patients’ glasses were up to the excellent medical standard she set- was to do it herself. Located inside our clinic, we have an expansive selection of frames for all ages and sizes that illuminate Dr. Cooper’s vision of providing excellent eyecare with the use of the utmost, highest quality materials to create glasses that truly make you go “Wow!”. Our optical store is able to do all types of single vision, bifocals, trifocals, progressives, and near variable lenses. Sourcing only the best anti reflective, transition, polarized, and even anti-fog treatments we are able to create your dream pair! 

Play sports? Our store carries the best safety-regulated sports goggles to protect your vision when playing soccer, tennis, football, baseball, skating, and even swimming! Worried you won’t be able to wear goggles under your helmet? We have special sports goggles for that too! 

Whether it’s creating complex glasses to help with strabismus, or progressives that allow you to safely drive your Tesla with ease, Dr. Cooper’s Optical Store will not rest until we have created the perfect pair for you and your family!

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Now through the end of May

Receive 50% off all sports goggles, and 1 pair for free when you buy 2 or more!

Also, to celebrate our graduates this month, enjoy 1 pair of glasses for free when you purchase a full pair!

Package Plans:

Do you or your child play rough & tough, or have a munching puppy at home? Stop by our clinic to pick out a package plan pair of glasses ranging from $50-$200 to act as a back-up pair in case your daily drivers get ruined!