Safe Toys and Celebration Month

The holiday season is here with decorations, lights, and gatherings, there seems no better time to be with friends and families. During this season, let us ensure the safety of our kids and be sure that they are in good eye health.

December is the month for safe toys and celebrations. We suggest the following tips for children to keep the holiday spirit going safely:

1) Safety Tips for Purchasing Toys For Children:

  • Read all warning labels before purchasing toys for your children
  • Avoid toys with sharp edges or corners
  • Avoid pellet guns and darts
  • Avoid toys that may pose as a choking threat: If a toy can fit through an empty toilet paper roll, then keep those toys away from small children
  • Toys with strings longer than 12 inches are considered choking/strangulation hazards
  • Children should avoid using slingshots, guns, or other types of projectile toys without proper eye protection
  • Toys with battery compartments should be closed and locked, such that they can only be opened with adult supervision
  • Ensure that your children play with toys that are unbreakable and cannot release toxic substances

2) Sports-related Gifts

Children love outdoor games. As parents, it is our responsibility to ensure that our children are well-protected. Parents can purchase safety equipment such as helmets and sports goggles for eye protection for participation in any sport where a child may be hit with a ball, a bat, or a body part. This protection should be given at the same time the sports equipment is received and required for any use, including practices, scrimmages, or games, even “just in the backyard.”

3) Keep Those Decorations Away

As exciting as it may sound to decorate that Christmas tree, it’s equally essential to be watchful about breakable decorations that can be reached by little hands or knocked loose by pets. Keep pointy and poky decorations, such as glass ornaments and electrical lights on shelves and cupboards where children cannot reach them. This will also preserve Granma’s heirloom ornament for the next generation!

4) Techie Gifts

Before presenting your child with digital devices such as iPhones, tablets, or laptops, consider how it may impact your child’s eye health. Signs of classic eye strain are common among all age-groups that may include headaches, tension, blurry vision, neck, or eye pain. Research says that children are at a higher risk of developing eye conditions, such as myopia or nearsightedness, when they use digital devices for more than 1 hour per day, This can eventually lead to the need for glasses or contact lenses. Playing outdoors is advised as an alternative because it decreases the risk of myopia and other eye conditions that may arise due to the overuse of digital devices. It also helps keep them healthy and active. Parents should encourage their children to keep a balance between indoor and outdoor activities to ensure their eyes are healthy and functioning.

Let’s safely celebrate this holiday season. We wish you and your family a happy holiday season and a healthy new year. Please call us if we can assist you or your family with any eye care needs. 650-259-0300 Best wishes, Dr. Kim Cooper and Staff